Friday, July 30, 2010

Convictions From the Backseat

The other day I was driving down the road with the kids in the backseat. We came to a stop light and there he was. A older man with a full beard holding a sign saying he was homeless and hungry. While I desperately tried not to notice I hear the following conviction from the backseat:

"Hey! There is Jesus!!" Rori said pointing to the homeless man. "That isn't Jesus Rori. That is just a man who looks like him" Michael said. "Well he looks like Jesus! Why is he standing there?" Rori asked. "His sign says he is hungry." Michael told her.

Now I am sitting in the front seat having just been reminded of a valuable lesson from Matthew 25:31-46. The dividing of the sheep from the goats. They were right. It was Jesus. Maybe not in the physical sense but he was Him. As I scrounged around in my purse for any spare change the light turned green. I have never before felt so bad about doing nothing.

It really made me stop and think when was the last time you saw someone in need and turned the other way? Maybe it was a man holding a sign and you thought "Is he really homeless or just scamming?" Or maybe it was a family whose budget is so tight that they are having a hard time making ends meet and you just offer to pray for them. Perhaps it was the tired mother who just needs a break or help around the house for a few hours. Or the man looking for work with no way to provide for his family. Perhaps you thought "someone else will help them I am too busy" or maybe "I need help myself"! Maybe we should all stop and remember that they are Jesus asking us to help. That Jesus put them in our path to serve Him. To not only witness to the unbeliever but to care for His children. Maybe you do have your own needs but helping another family despite your own needs will bless your family richly! Maybe you can't help in a big way financially but you can give you time or a bag of groceries isn't much. Instead of turning them away with a prayer stop and ask yourself what can I do for them to serve the Lord.

I will keep a few extra bucks in my purse for the next time my kids see Jesus!
What will you do?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally reading my first book!

So I have a few books coming in the mail but none have arrived. So at my 6 week postpartum appointment yesterday I borrowed one from my midwives. I started reading Heart & Hands - A Midwives Guide to Pregnancy & Birth yesterday and I have already read the first 2 chapters! These aren't short chapters mind you!! I guess it is about a 1/4 of the way through! It is fascinating!!! I will say that the thought of doing internal exams will be very awkward at first and truly hope it is with someone very understanding!
I really did think I knew all about my body, pregnancy and child birth and I have read many books on it but there is SO much more!! I just wish I had stared reading these while I was still pregnant.
Hopefully some of my other books will start coming in cause at this rate I will be finished by Sunday.
I can't wait to read more on the history of midwifery. What I have read so far is way more interesting then I thought it would be. I just wish Bonnie were still alive to see what she set in motion. She is the one who had encouraged me to go natural and at home in the first place. You see I was her nanny to her then 2 children who were both born at home. She was like an older sister to me and she was with me through a lot. But she passed away 3 years ago from stage 4 colon cancer. She was still young and has young children. She passed just 2 weeks after I had my first homebirth and when I called to tell her she was already to weak and sick to talk with and I never got to tell her. I still miss her all the time. I hope and pray her daughters grow up to be as strong as she was. She truly was amazing!
Well on that sad note I am going to sign off and go back to reading!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beginning of a New Journey

Hi, my name is Shawnicy. I have been a wife to Jeremy for 10 years and we have 5 beautiful, talented, gifted and energetic kids. Their ages range from 6 1/2 to 6 weeks. I have been a homeschooling mom since my oldest son Michael started teaching himself to read at 3 years old. Now at 6 1/2 when all his peers are entering the 1st grade he is finishing the 2nd and starting 3rd! He is our first blessing and after 2 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant he was the best blessing we could ask for! Our first daughter Rori was our second blessing and God gave her to us after a time of trial when we lost 3 pregnancies, had gone through fertility treatments again and were forced in many ways to grow and trust God and each other. But we must have learned cause God saw fit to open my womb and bless us again with a huge surprise another baby! HaileyKate was born 11 months after Rori was born and we had no help getting or staying pregnant! We weren't even trying! She by the way was my first homebirth but more on that later. Next we were surprised again with another healthy pregnancy and another girl. Only 15 months after HaileyKate was born Ava joined our family. Then 22 months later Michael finally got the brother he had been waiting for and we had Harrison.

So that's our children and where they are and have been a huge journey our newest journey is the path to midwifery. I had always wanted a homebirth since I was pregnant with Michael but decided that we should have our first in a hospital and since our insurance covered the whole thing I tried not to think much more about it. His birth would have been fine and normal but it was a hospital and all their interventions caused troubles. I ended up on pitocin and stuck in a bed. Neither of which I needed and I wasn't given options on either. Michael was 9lbs 10 when he was born and we got lots of attention after his birth cause he was so big.

Rori was by far the worst and hardest labor I have EVER had and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy... not that I have any. She was fully induced a week early due to a complication called ICP. They started with cervidyl and that just hyperstimulated my contractions but didn't dialate. The next morning they came in and broke my water and hooked up the pitocin. The really hard part came in when we didn't notice but my fluid line got kinked and I was getting straight pitocin and was having minute and a half long contractions that had no break between them. The were so bad I asked for meds but by the time they got there she was already crowning. I went from 5 to birth in 40 mintues! She was 8lbs 7 oz and I thought she was so tiny! The nurses all said she was pretty big but I told them she was way smaller then my 9lbs 10oz'er! I was just so glad I was done and that I would NEVER have to go through that again!! LOL!!!

HaileyKate was our first homebirth but she wasn't exactly a planned one. You see I had the horrible itching again with HaileyKate and had been diagnosed with ICP again. But this time the itching started at 10 weeks and these babies really need to be delivered no later then 37 weeks or the risks of stillbirth rise rapidly. And even though I had been diagnosed at USDavis Hospital they refused to do anything for us. So I decided to attempt to do a natural induction with the guidance of the best midwives I knew. I had met One Heart Midwifery at my good friends home VBAC. They were so amazing with her that I knew if I ever got the chance to have a homebirth I would be lucky to have them. And lucky for me the induction was working! I was 37 weeks and 5 days when I stopped by their clinic/home to be checked to make sure my contractions were dialating my cervix. I went from a 3 to a 6 in their office. They told me I could go to the hospital now and they would have to keep me or if I wanted we could just go home and have the baby with them their. So I called my husband and he said sure. At that point we didn't trust the Dr's at UCDavis at all. At one point I told them if they refused to induce at the recommended time and my baby was stillborn cause of it I would hold them accountable and they said "We have every faith in our legal staff". Needless to say we went home and had one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! HaileyKate was a healthy 8lbs 4oz girl!! We were so relieved and so impressed by how easy her birth was ans how relaxed the birth and recovery was. When I found out I was expecting Ava They were my first call! There was just no way I was ever going to go through a hospital birth again after the beauty of HaileyKate's birth!

Ava's birth was a walk in the park... well except the part where I was laboring every night for a week before I said that I was done and just break my water and lets be done with it! They did and she was born a few hours later and a VERY healthy 9lbs!!

Again when I found out we were expecting they were my first call. I was so happy to be able to work with them again and now felt much more like family and like they were mothers to me. I loved the support and encouragement I received and still receive from them. And again after a beautiful birth that I sang through a very healthy 10lbs 1 oz baby Harrison was born.

So now here I am with 4 children and a 6 week old baby. And what woman in her right mind would chose now to start her education to become a midwife?
You see I have actually been thinking about it for years but thought it would be much later in my life. That is until my mother inlaw who wasn't so sure about the whole homebirthing thing came down a few weeks ago and asked if I had ever thought of it and said that she had been praying about it and really thinks that I would be a good midwife and maybe I was being called that was! Well after that my hubby agreed too! Plans were being made schools researched and now I find myself with a plan and a goal to finish my training in no more then 4 years! 3 years or less would ROCK! The only thing that I am waiting for now is the money for tuition but the school I have chosen says I can start all the course work now before enrolling so that is what I am doing.

So here I am standing on the brink of a whole new world with the Lords path before me and my children and husband at my side. We will all be leaning a new way of doing things and while I am teaching my children, keeping house and raising my family I will be doing my school work to become a midwife... the next best thing after becoming a wife and mother.