Friday, July 30, 2010

Convictions From the Backseat

The other day I was driving down the road with the kids in the backseat. We came to a stop light and there he was. A older man with a full beard holding a sign saying he was homeless and hungry. While I desperately tried not to notice I hear the following conviction from the backseat:

"Hey! There is Jesus!!" Rori said pointing to the homeless man. "That isn't Jesus Rori. That is just a man who looks like him" Michael said. "Well he looks like Jesus! Why is he standing there?" Rori asked. "His sign says he is hungry." Michael told her.

Now I am sitting in the front seat having just been reminded of a valuable lesson from Matthew 25:31-46. The dividing of the sheep from the goats. They were right. It was Jesus. Maybe not in the physical sense but he was Him. As I scrounged around in my purse for any spare change the light turned green. I have never before felt so bad about doing nothing.

It really made me stop and think when was the last time you saw someone in need and turned the other way? Maybe it was a man holding a sign and you thought "Is he really homeless or just scamming?" Or maybe it was a family whose budget is so tight that they are having a hard time making ends meet and you just offer to pray for them. Perhaps it was the tired mother who just needs a break or help around the house for a few hours. Or the man looking for work with no way to provide for his family. Perhaps you thought "someone else will help them I am too busy" or maybe "I need help myself"! Maybe we should all stop and remember that they are Jesus asking us to help. That Jesus put them in our path to serve Him. To not only witness to the unbeliever but to care for His children. Maybe you do have your own needs but helping another family despite your own needs will bless your family richly! Maybe you can't help in a big way financially but you can give you time or a bag of groceries isn't much. Instead of turning them away with a prayer stop and ask yourself what can I do for them to serve the Lord.

I will keep a few extra bucks in my purse for the next time my kids see Jesus!
What will you do?

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  1. what a friend of mine did is she tries to keep a bag of non parishables in her car for times like this. She put stuff like bottle water, granola bar and can fruit. Something simple that won't spoil.