Monday, October 18, 2010

Bootcamp For Lousy Housekeepers

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Bootcamp For Lousy Housekeepers

Long past due for an update

There is just so much happening here lately. I am plowing right through my studies and have officially sent my application off to the National Midwifery College. I should be an official student by the end of the month! I started the book work on August 25th and have nearly completed the whole 1st trimesters worth of work and it is only the middle of October!

The only problem I have is between studies, illness, buying a new van, Rori's free month of Playschool and just flat out "life" I have gotten behind on my job of being a housewife. I so didn't want that to happen EVER again!!! But alas it is time to break out "Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers" again and stick to my routine!! I just can't say enough about how this book has changed the way my house runs!! The organizing of my day is the kicker!! You see I first got the book in February. I had TONS of clutter and had a really hard time organizing my work and sticking with it. But I decided that I would give up my messy, unorganized home for lent. Now you think that you are supposed to give up something that is hard to give up but as much as I didn't want a messy house it is really hard to change your was and give up the mess!! It was hard and didn't happen over night (and still have plenty left until I am where I want to be) but it has been so worth it!!! The biggest area I still have to over come is my office. I just hate filing!! But then again who doesn't. I recommend to ANYONE, whether you are a good housekeeper or not to look into this book!!! It is an easy read and has SO many great and useful ideas! And there is no better time to look into it then the present!! Right now she is doing a free ebook giveaway!!! Check her out here

I think the only thing I would love to know more about is setting up a family closet and tips on sorting out old clothes and storing seasonal clothes. I already have a children's clothes closet but it could use some help!!

Anyway check out the book it ROCKS!!! And if you do post and let me know what you thought!!!