Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here is what I am working on in the Kitchen!

So I have been working on the kitchen and I mean the WHOLE kitchen!!  I have only ONE cabinet left to go through!!  But first things first.  If you go to ANY coffee shop you can get all sorts of specialty flavors for your coffee right?  Well my kids get seasonal specialty oatmeal!  Here is one of my little princesses helping me get it ready.
 This is Candy Cane oatmeal!  They LOVE it!!  I just make the organic oatmeal from Costco and when it is almost done I add a bit of coconut sugar (I LOVE that stuff!) and a few peppermint sticks.  I use Bob's because they don't have any corn in them.  NOT the candy canes, they DO have corn but the sticks don't.  I have also used the organic candy canes from Whole Foods since they are also corn free.  Sometimes if they are really sweet I will add a few chocolate chips for them to stir in but that is a REAL treat!

Okay now onto the good stuff! Welcome to my pantry!  It is tiny but mine!

 Here is my pantry after I got rid of a bunch of stuff and even though it looks a lot better it is crazy to think I thought it looked great! 

This is the small lazy Susan cabinet again after I purged a ton and had things in a fairly organized fashion.  

 It looks terrible right?

I knew I need a few things to help me get the order I was looking for so I packed up the kids and went to Ikea, made a few labels and sprayed some jar lids (more on that later) Okay and here is the after!! 

Here is the label up close. 

 MUCH better!!  But that was just the start so lets see the other cabinet!

 Wow!!  So much better!!!  Now if I am getting discouraged on my quest to get things in order I just open the doors!!

Ahh... another nice clean surface!

 So as promised here are the pics of the jars I made.  I used recycled jars from all kinds of stuff!  Spaghetti sauce, olives, sunflower butter, all kinds of stuff!  I actually got a bunch of them off Freecycle a while back and I was already using them as storage in place of Tupperware   When I saw the idea on pinterest to add a knob and spray the lid I was super excited!!  I had all the jars already! I went right over to The Home Depot and picked up a bunch of wooden knobs for 97 cents each and grabbed a can of metallic spray paint and had a blast!  I am very pleased with the outcome!  Here are the ones with my labels and the others that are waiting for a purpose.

 This one is holding my homemade vapor rub.  No label yet but it is coming.
 The last thing I have to share today is the jar that was missing a lid.  I decided to spray the whole jar and use it as a vase!  I LOVE the way it turned out!!
So what do you think?


  1. Love the jars!!! And great job getting it all organized!

    1. Aww! Thanks Donna!! They were easy and fun to make and I just LOVE them!!

  2. I would have never thought to put candy cane in oatmeal. Interesting!

    1. My kids love it! They also love banana muffin oatmeal, apple spice oatmeal, pumpkin spice oatmeal and pretty much anything that sounds yummy to mix into it. And anything with chocolate! Give it a try! It is yummy and fun coming up with new ideas for them!