Sunday, January 6, 2013

I finished the girls room!

In my continued effort to get my house organized I finally got to tackle the girls room!  I had my mother's helper over on Thursday and I had the ability to tackle the enormous job!  Now before I get to the before's and after's I have to tell you that I have been avoiding their room for a while.  I have purged SO much stuff over the last 6 months it is crazy! So when it came to before pictures I did the closet but didn't do the rest of the room.  It was just too messy!  
So here is the before pics (I am so embarrassed!) with the afters. So after I purged, cleaned, purged, cleaned some more, stopped to fed the kids and take the mother's helper home, and cleaned some more, made a few labels, and finally I was done... well as done as its gonna get for now!

Before                         ~                          After



Before                         ~                          After

Before                         ~                          After

Here are a few close ups of the bins on the top shelf. 

 Until I have the funds I am using the bins I have on hand.  Someday maybe I will get to upgrade them to a matching set.

I didn't give it a label yet but the bin next to this basket is for unused hangers.  That way they aren't cluttering up the rods and they will be easy to find to hang up clean clothes.

Now we get to see the girls room!  This is the closet door.  It has a lock on it (you can't see it) so they don't go in and change their clothes 30 times a day and completely destroy all my work!  I found the chalkboard in the closet while cleaning and almost tossed it but then I thought it would be cute on the door.

The girls beds are set up in a unique way in this house.  You see their room is REALLY small and has no wall that really fits a twin size bed on it BUT along with the closet (it isn't a huge closet but the largest in the house) it does have this super cool under the stairs storage area that 2 toddler size mattresses fit in PERFECTLY!  So to dress it up I attached fabric to the top and a princess net to the highest point.  The oldest girl sleeps under the net and the youngest sleeps on the other side. Please ignore the poor sleeping boy  under the pink net who fell asleep in my arms.  I had to lay him down somewhere!

The middle girl sleeps in the loft bed.  See how it fits almost perfectly over the opening to the 2 girls sleeping area?  I am sure I don't have to tell you how much they LOVE setting up forts under there!

Finally I found a great storage container for all those stuffed animals!!  Thanks Ikea!!

Somehow I missed getting pictures of the tea table and the super cute dresser that actually is where we store all the toys.  I have them all sorted out and now 3 days later they are still putting them back in their proper drawers.  

So what do you think?  

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