Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It is time to get to blogging again!

Hello!!  And Happy New Year!!  So I know this is long over due and I have been inactive for a long time.  I decided over the holidays that it is time to start blogging again.  There is just so much going on in our family that it seems this is the best way to keep everyone updated and to share the crafts and projects we are working on.  So here it goes...
I don't make resolutions.  I figure they are made to be broken and I don't intend to break a goal.  BUT as the new year approached I did think about the things I have been working on and have yet to complete.  I have successfully lost 30 pounds for starters and have 15 left to go!  That was put on hold while I got Christmas preparations done since Jeremy and I made all our gifts to our family and our own children.  Maybe I will add them here to the blog latter so you can all see them.  But now that the holidays are over and the special treats are out of our home it is time to get focused again.  I am sure there will be much blogging on this and sharing of recipes in the future!  
One of the other things that I found I had time for (I know right?!  I have five kids and I found time!) is getting this house in full organized shape!!  Not just neatly placed piles-o-crap but VERY organized!!  I started in my kitchen and I have MUCH to share on it!  I am also following Delightful Order's blog on getting organized with her monthly organization challenge! You can find her blog here c  I am sure there will also be many postings of pictures too as I work on building my portfolio!!
I hope you all stick around as I figure this all out and join me if you will in my weight-loss challenge and organization challenge!

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