Monday, January 21, 2013

Raising Warriors

After the events of the morning watching the service of the Fallen Hero Officer Kevin Tonn, I have had time to reflect on them and I have a few thoughts I would like to share with you.

I have long know that I wasn't strong enough to be a military wife.  Please don't get me wrong I have DEEP respect for them but the fear and the time apart is something I just couldn't imagine.  I  have friends who are military wives I have so much respect for them and the HUGE job they do.  I guess God knew I wasn't strong enough because the man He chose for me wasn't in the military.  We support them and his brothers have all either served or are still serving and they are amazing men!  I have and do pray for them every time they were or are deployed over seas to protect my freedom. 

But I have never thought about raising a warrior, a servant, a defender of freedom.  Don't get me wrong I WANT my sons to produce all those traits but I never thought about what that could mean until today.  I watched as those parents mourned the loss of their son.  The baby she carried. The baby they brought home and held in their arms.  The child they loved, cared for, provided for and gave their all for.  The boy they raised to manhood who served not only in the Army but as a firefighter and then finally, submitting to his calling, as a police man.  They raised him well.  They loved him and supported him.  And while I do not know them personally, I do know that they are Christian parents who love the Lord and I am sure that they knew that he had to followed God's path not their own idea of a path for his life.  

So it got me thinking, if my sons are called to serve and that is their path that God has chosen for them, and I do hope they follow when they are called no matter where it is, it means I am going to have very bad knees.  I just never thought about raising them up to send them off.  The long nights, days, weeks, and months of prayer and fasting for their safety. Praying the they love God and serve Him and that God's perfect will will be done and accepting that His perfect will isn't always easy.  We are raising them to love our nation and all its freedoms.  That our freedoms are worth fighting for and that this is the land God gave us.  It would not be a surprise if they do chose to serve in some way. 

I guess I have just realized that as parents we don't know what their calling is and we have to trust that God has it in His hands.  I have so much respect for the many parents who have done that and have had to wrap their arms around a flag instead of their son or daughter.  The parents of all the warriors who serve in any branch of service from the military, police, fire and anyone who puts their life on the line for me and mine, please accept my deepest thanks. Please pray for those of us who may be raising up the next generation, that we will have the same strengths you have and we will pray for you and your sons and daughters who fight for us.

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