Sunday, April 7, 2013

Organizing Make-up Central

So, I finally did it!!  I finished a Pinterest inspired project that has been waiting for a few months!  

Here is the original idea::

Our bathroom is very small and has little to no actual storage so we have to be creative.
Also I have lost quite a bit of my Bare Minerals make-up to little hands so getting it out of reach was the most important thing.
 There was a ton of dead space over the window in the bathroom so I decided it was just the spot for my project!

So I the original idea was to use a picture frame but I thought that a silver platter would look nice too!

I pared it with a little tine pitcher that I sprayed a fresh coat of paint on to hold my brushes.
I think I might paint some little flowers on it latter for a pop of color.  
What do you think?

Here is another Pinterest/ combo idea that we have LOVED in the bathroom!!
Here are the inspired links:

Simple shelf from a recovered pallet with the jars added to the front for even more storage.

And really, isn't it WAY cuter with the jars?

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